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Welcome to the Flip Side Racing Software Development site

This software was designed to work with the Core Speedway TI S6350 RFID lap counter.

Current released version is Beta, version 0.33

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RFID tags

This software will allow you to use standard RFID tags with the Core lap counter. You can get TI 13.56Mhz ISO15963 tags cheaply from Mouser. Our club has been successfully using the following tags for a while:

 TI Large RFID Tag 76mm x 45mm

Other clubs have confirmed these tags to work:

 TI Medium RFID Tag 45mm x 45mm

 TI Small RFID Tag 38mm x 32.5mm

As a warning the small tags can miss laps if you are going too fast, make sure to put the lap counter on a slower part of the track.

 Cheaper TI Large RFID Tag 76mm x 45mm

Full Downloads

 Windows Download

 Mac Universal Binary

For Linux download the source code and compile the software using RealBasic's free Linux IDE.

Help the project

If you find this software useful, please consider helping support its development. We can use the help of programmers for the application itself, graphics artists for things like icons, buttons etc., help with documentation or you can help support the project by donating money using the following link:


Getting started

How Do I...

Developer Documentation

Source Code

To download the source code use the following path in your subversion client:

For example to use the command line subversion command line client type this command:

svn co