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     1= Release 0.42 = 
     3== New Features == 
     4 * New graph type, rank over time 
     5 * Speech translation files can be selected within the program 
     6 * Ending count down option added.  You can set the number of seconds the program will start counting down for the end of a timed or timed and lap race 
     8== Enhancements == 
     9 * The program closing prompt is now configurable.  You can choose to always be prompted, be prompted only if a race is active or never be prompted 
     10 * MR-03 added to the chassis list (you can add any chassis you want by editing the raceparts.xml file) 
     11 * Configuration of the racer slot colors (colors that the racers appear as on the race screen) is now configured on the General Config Screen 
     12 * Auto adding racers when using Core hardware has been sped up to take much less CPU time 
     13 * Select Racers screen is removed as it is no longer needed 
     14 * The program will now always clear the racer list when a new racer is started 
     16== Bug Fixes == 
     17 * If a new background is set in the theme.xml or BG_Frame.jpg is replaced with a new background that has a resolution less than the screen size the program will now correctly resize the window 
     18 * Auto adding of racers to a race will no longer allow 2 racers with the same name, each racer in a race must have a unique name 
     19 * Fixed a error message that could occur if a racer was deleted from the most recent race.  The results were being stored even though there was an error 
    122= Release 0.41 =