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     1= Release 12.04 = 
     4== Changes == 
     5 * You can edit racers during a practice race or Free Play. Be very careful with this. For example if you enable a different racer with a duplicate transponder that new racer will get the laps while the existing racer will no longer get laps. 
     6 * No longer need to set max racers, it is always 24. 
     7 * The race screen does not show empty racers anymore, it will only display racers in the race 
     8 * You can define individual racer colors instead of slot colors. Enable this on the General Config. screen and then define the racer colors in Edit Racers. 
     9 * The window can be resized smaller, 400x300 is the smallest size though this cuts off controls 
     10 * Row height will be changed automatically if all racers do not fit on the screen. The row height setting now just controls the default 
     11 * The email function filters out non-printable characters as those can create problems with the emails sent 
     12 * Windows graphics now use the newer GDI+ graphics library, this might cause problems with Windows 2000 and older systems 
     13 * Added none to the make menu on the edit racers screen to fix the behaviour if you click a racer with a make and then click one without, it will now default back to none instead of the previous racers make 
     14 * Errors in manually edited xml files no longer send me a crash report they just give the user a warning 
     15 * When a racer is first added to a race they are put in last place instead of first place for their initial lap 
     16 * Lowered audio priority 
     17 * If countdown is set to 5 or less it will announce the first countdown number now, such as 5 in this case 
     18 * Program now forces a full screen refresh after a resize or restore of the window 
    122= Release 0.76 =