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     1= Release 0.53 = 
     3== New Features ==  
     5 * Added support to email race reports at the completion of each race automatically.  You will need to provide the settings for your email account for this to work. 
     6 * Added the ability to share cars amongst multiple racers.  You can now define multiple racers with the same UID.  Only one racer with a particular UID may be enabled at a time.  The software will automatically disable all the other racers with a particular UID if you enable one. 
     7 * I-Lap and Robitronic hardware now use the hardware timer for lap times instead of the computer timer.  Additionally they will calculate results using 0.001 second resolution instead of 0.01 second resolution. 
     8 * Added the ability to set whether the software will use 0.01s or 0.001s lap time resolution.  The default is automatic which uses the hardware type to define the resolution.  This setting can be overridden on the general config screen. 
     10== Enhancements == 
     12 * General message pop ups will now disappear automatically after a few seconds instead of waiting for you to click OK.  Errors will still wait for the user to acknowledge them. 
     13 * Internal picture conversions no longer write files to the file system, everything is done in memory. 
     14 * Database cache size has been increased to improve performance.  This will consume more RAM but minimizes disk activity. 
     15 * A database vacuum is now performed when the application is closed, this will shrink the database and improve performance. 
     16 * Removed a lot of unnecessary file write operations to the preferences.xml file when the application is launched. 
     17 * Added alternate row coloring to list boxes to make it easy to read the rows in a list box. 
     19== Changes == 
     21 * The racer inventory report button was moved to the general config screen under the database utilities. 
     22 * Removed the pause race functionality when using the I-Lap or Robitronic hardware.  The pause functionality can not work with hardware based timers. 
     23 * Removed various unused methods and variables. 
     25== Bug Fixes == 
     27 * If you delete the currently loaded theme it will now switch to the default. 
     28 * Added additional error logic to the theme management screen to prevent mistakes. 
     29 * CTRL-C now works on the UID field for copying the value in Windows. 
     30 * Added logic so that null characters in a racer import will not cause errors. 
    132= Release 0.52 = 
    2051 * Fixed bug that could would cause the program to have problems communicating with the lap counter if the relay board or secondary com port were set to the same com port as the primary com port 
    2152 * Fixed bug with transparency of text on the race screen for racers greater than 8