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     1= Release 0.45 =  
     4== New Features == 
     6 * We finally have an installer!  Thanks to the work of another individual on the forum (who is welcome to introduce themself) we now have an installer for Windows.  If you point it to your existing directory it will upgrade your software or you can install to a new location. 
     7 * There is now a theme manager.  Within the program you can use the theme manager to change graphics or sounds.  Creating themes will take graphics experience though since the buttons require multiple layers such as a mask image and a mouse over image.  Pay attention to what image is being asked for as it will prompt you for multiple images when you click the browse button. 
     8 * Robitronic hardware support, this may not be fully functional yet but I need people to test it and provide feedback 
     9 * Sound effect for the end of a race added. You can enable and disable this for each race profile 
     10 * Added option to the select rank change announcements.  You can now set a race profile to announce any rank change instead of just lead changes 
     11 * Added F1 countdown method.  When selected the race will count down the number of seconds set as the count down time but the final starting horn will be randomly delayed 1 to 10 seconds.  You will probably want to shorten the count down time to something like 5 seconds. 
     13== Enhancements == 
     15 * Free play race mode can now have different rank methods 
     16 * Splash screen will now indicate what step the program is performing 
     17 * Graphic for Splash screen can be replaced 
     18 * Removed graphics and other unused files from EXE, they are now in the database 
     20== Bug Fixes == 
     22 * Fixed bug that could occur causing lap times to not be stored if you deleted multiple races in a row including the most recent one.  The backup table of lap times would fail to include the next race. 
     23 * Deleting a racer now shows the correct name in the dialog box that pops up 
     24 * Fixed bug that could cause duplicate lap times to be inserted in some cases 
     25 * Fixed bug that could cause the wrong persons name being announced in a lead change.   
     26 * Added logic to prevent duplicate make and models from being added on the edit races screen 
    129= Release 0.43 =