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     1= Release 0.39 = 
     3== New Features == 
     5* Check for updates option added.  The program will check the website to see if a new version is available, if one is it will ask if you want to visit the website to download it.  This is enabled by default. 
     6* Documentation added.  The program includes a manual that can be read using your web browser.  The main page includes links to sections of the manual. 
     7* Free Play race type added.  This race type is for open track time, it has the following characteristics: 
     8  * No time or lap limit, race must be manually ended 
     9  * Racers are automatically removed from the race if they do not get a lap within the timeout period 
     10  * Overall best lap and personal best lap are announced 
     11  * Rank and time is not announced 
     12  * Results are not stored to the database 
     13  * Race screen is sorted by average lap time 
     14  * Start time for each racer is dynamic based on when they first cross the lap counter, like the staggered start race type 
     15  * If a racer timed out and was removed when they get back on the track all their information is reset to 0 
     16  * The pace column on the race screen shows average lap time 
     17* When selecting a racer image it is now automatically resized if it is too large. 
     18* Linux Text To Speech is now supported.  You must have kttsd installed and configure it with kttsmgr. 
     19* You can now create new makes and models for the edit racers screen by typing in the info on the edit racer screen and hitting enter. 
     20* The database and report data xml file now includes the rank a racer was at for each lap along with the time the lap occurred 
     22== Enhancements == 
     24* The racer logo defined in the theme.xml file now displays on the main page 
     25* Improved speed of decoding Kyosho IC lap counter information 
     26* Improved speed of the rank calculations 
     27* Lamborghini was added to the make/model list 
     28* Sped up the select racers screen racer detection for Kyosho IC lap counter 
     30== Bug Fixes == 
     32* Controls on the statistics screen are now disabled while a race is running 
     33* Changed the select racers screen to not use the select racers window in the background when automatically adding racers with the Kyosho IC lap counter