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RFID Reader

Currently this software only supports the TI S6350 module for reading RFID tags. This is the same module used in the Core Speedway lap counter.

TI S6350 Module/Core Speeway lap counter

ISO 15693 Protocol


Software implementation

In order to use the TI reader within RealBasic we had to implement some of the serial protocol ourselves. In order to use the TI Reader with the ISO15693 protocol you must first generate a command encapsulated in the TI protocol and have the payload of the command be the ISO15693 command. Only 3 of the commands are necessary, Inventory All Slots, Inventory 1 Slot and Silence.


The following tag can be used with the TI S6350 module:

 TI HF large rectangle transponder

It can be purchased from Mousere here:

 TI tag from Mouser

Other standard tags should work.