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This software was designed to work with the Core Speedway lap counter, the Kyosho IC Tag lap counter, the  I-Lap lap counter, the  Trackmate lap counter, the  Robitronic Lap Counter, the  Flip Side Dio lap counter and AMBrc based serial lap counters. For the Core and Kyosho lap counters this software provides features not included with the original software and the ability to use generic RFID tags with the lap counting hardware.

This software was initially designed with Kyosho Mini-Z cars and the  How Fast Are You OnLine Point Series in mind. If you have not heard of the  How Fast Are You OnLine Point Series before you should check it out, it is a great way for small or large Mini-Z clubs to race against people around the world. Any group with at least 3 racers, a suitable lap counter and  RCP track can participate and post results to compete with people worldwide. Check out more information at the  HFAY OPLS Website.

Current released version is version 12.12

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 Racing Software Windows Installer

 Racing Software Windows ZIP file

 Racing Software Mac ZIP file

To initialize generic tags to be used with the Kyosho IC Tag lap counter use this program (DO NOT USE ON KYOSHO TAGS, THEY DO NOT NEED INITIALIZED AND WILL NO LONGER WORK WITH KYOSHO SOFTWARE IF YOU INITIALIZE THEM):

 Kyosho RFID Tag Init Windows Download

 Kyosho RFID Tag Init Mac Download

You may need a driver installed to communicate with the Core or Kyosho lap counter. You can download the FTDI VCP driver here:

 FTDI drivers for Mac and Windows, Linux has the driver built in

To run the Flip Side Racing software on Linux download the source code and compile the software using RealBasic's free Linux IDE.

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If you find this software useful, please consider helping support its development. We can use the help of programmers for the application itself, graphics artists for things like icons, buttons etc., help with documentation or you can help support the project by donating money using the following link:

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RFID tags

This software will allow you to use standard RFID tags with the Core and Kyosho IC lap counter. You can get TI 13.56Mhz ISO15963 tags cheaply from Mouser. The TI tags are exposed on one side, please protect the antenna and chip by placing tape or a paper label over the exposed side. For these tags to work with the Kyosho IC lap counter they must be initialized using the above program. Our club has been successfully using the following tags with the Core lap counter for a while:

 TI Large RFID Tag 76mm x 45mm

Other clubs have confirmed these tags to work:

 TI Medium RFID Tag 45mm x 45mm

 TI Small RFID Tag 38mm x 22.5mm

As a warning the small tags can miss laps if you are going too fast, mount the tags to the bottom of the car if possible and make sure to put the lap counter on a slower part of the track.


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Source Code

Flip Side Racing Software is released under the  Gnu Public License

To download the latest source code use the following path in your subversion client:

Or if you want to download the source for the latest stable release check for the release under

For example to use the command line subversion command line client to get the latest source code type this command:

svn co